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Counseling Options

  • Grief & Loss

  • Relational Challenges

  • Pre-Marriage Guidance

  • Anxiety, Stress & Adversity

  • Resilience

  • Spiritual Formation

HeartMath® Tools & Techniques


Heart-Focused Breathing


Quick Coherence tool


Freeze-Frame tool


Heart Lock-in tool


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What resilience can do for you...


better sleep

more energy




stress mgmt


Resilience is...

"the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt to challenge, change, stress or adversity"

Resources for Hurting People

Peaks & Creeks Life Development

I provide resources for hurting people through individual counseling, gatherings, support groups, workshops, and effective tools for walking through the most difficult times in life. Grief & loss can be excruciating, confusing, and even debilitating, and may leave us requiring help to navigate the complexities of our painful experiences. I also provide marriage, pre-marriage and general relationship counseling for either families, couples or individuals.

Resilience Experience

I am a board certified clinical chaplain and a registered psychotherapist with the state of Colorado. I bring decades of life experience, training, and skill at helping hurting people find healing. As a certified HeartMath trainer I successfully help those struggling with the effects of stress, anxiety and adversity create and store energy to build resilience. I can help with anxiety, trauma, depression, and hopelessness.

Begin a Conversation

Reaching out for help is not a commitment to a process, it is the beginning of a conversation. Call, text or email to start the healing process. (720-382-9420; karl@peaksandcreeks.com)

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