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Resilience is...

"the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt to challenge, change, stress or adversity"

Resources for Hurting People

Peaks & Creeks Life Development

I provide resources for hurting people through individual counseling, gatherings, support groups, workshops, and effective tools for walking through the most difficult times in life. Grief & loss can be excruciating, confusing, and even debilitating, and may leave us requiring help to navigate the complexities of our painful experiences. I also provide marriage, pre-marriage and general relationship counseling for either families, couples or individuals.

Resilience Experience

I am a board certified clinical chaplain and a registered psychotherapist with the state of Colorado. I bring decades of life experience, training, and skill at helping hurting people find healing. As a certified HeartMath trainer I successfully help those struggling with the effects of stress, anxiety and adversity create and store energy to build resilience. I can help with anxiety, trauma, depression, and hopelessness.

Begin a Conversation

Reaching out for help is not a commitment to a process, it is the beginning of a conversation. Call, text or email to start the healing process. (720-382-9420; karl@peaksandcreeks.com)

What resilience can do for you...


better sleep

more energy




stress mgmt

Counseling Options

  • Grief & Loss

  • Relational Challenges

  • Pre-Marriage Guidance

  • Anxiety, Stress & Adversity

  • Resilience

  • Spiritual Formation

HeartMath® Tools & Techniques


Heart-Focused Breathing


Quick Coherence tool


Freeze-Frame tool


Heart Lock-in tool


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