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helping stressed-out people create & store energy to build resilience

The baseline for stress acceptance in our culture has risen steadily for years. We've simply accepted a higher level of stress each year as normal, and it drains us to the point of depletion. Add to that extraordinary pressure from grief and loss, broken relationships, or roles with secondary stress or trauma, and we're working from a deficit. At one time or another everyone needs help... If this sounds like you, you are my passion!


I help stressed-out people create and store energy to build resilience. The self-regulation of emotion combined with slowing the breathing are just two ways to plug the leaks and replace energy required to heal and raise your energy baseline. As a Clinical Chaplain I am an excellent listener and capable of helping you drill down to root issues. My heart is to accept you as you are from a non-judgmental perspective, and to lovingly guide you where you want to go.


By establishing a focus on specific areas of life, I've led overwhelmed men and women to build physical, mental, spiritual, relational and emotional resilience. Through my own struggles and meaningful life lessons, I've discovered secrets, tools and techniques for living an adventurous and powerfully resilient life.

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