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Are We There Yet?

The loss of life, devastating sickness, social distancing, and economic shock of closing businesses has been unprecedented. When you are anxious, worried, afraid or possibly even grieving the loss of a close friend or family member, and you just want this whole thing to be over, what are some ways you can get through this in a healthy way?

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A Garden of Renewing Relationships

Social distancing is the right thing to do to avoid the transmission of a virus…
However, it increases emotional pain in people who feel lonely and crave social interaction. When forced to isolate, the boredom and accompanying loneliness can be overwhelming.

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A Healing Formula

Professionals will tell you there is no simple or quick fix to healing from the pain of grief and loss. Someone telling you to just “get over” your grief or to “Stop feeling like that” really has no concept of the nature of grief. While I agree with the professionals that there is no simple or quick fix to healing,

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Arguing - Even When You Win, You Lose

It’s in our nature to want to win. When selfishness takes over, we’ll do whatever it takes, say things just to hurt and harm, and spin or twist the truth into something unrecognizable just to come out on top. A huge percentage of relationships today...

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Life: Running Toward or Running Away

Two primary motivations in life are fear and love. We make decisions and practice relationships based on running away from or running toward challenges we face. We find helpful very specific and practical ways to differentiate between reactions of fear and love, in order that we will be less fear-based and more love-based.


A Therapeutic Approach to the Virus

While our nation has experienced health crises in the past, none seem to have created the levels of fear, anxiety, worry and even hysteria that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has generated. This article is about how to remain calm but aware in a crisis. 

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No Room for Grief

This article is written by a parent who lost their child, and well describes the pain of grieving around people who don’t understand what it is like. I am a young student of the subject and have much to learn. What I know so far is, sorrow is sacred. There must be room for grief.


Resilience Against Debilitating Change

Capacity to withstand the impact of loss is influenced by losses from the past, especially those buried and left unattended or unprocessed. Unmet expectations also play a role. A person’s resilience in the face of great pain is affected primarily by...

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The Frightening Landscape of Fear

It is the magnetism of love that draws us toward hope. Love is the element alongside fear that drives fear away – even the fear of the unknown. The reason is that in light of a thousand worst case possibilities that might happen, the only one that counts is what will happen.

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The Blindside Wipeout of Grief

Sudden Temporary Upsurge of Grief, a term defined by grief expert Dr. Therese Rando in the early ’90s. It is an intense, unexpected wave of emotionalism that comes on occasion to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, sometimes long after the person’s death.

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The Healing Power of Unselfish Giving

People in pain usually want to stay home, lock the door, draw the shades, climb into bed and pull the covers over their head. I suggest a way to overcome this desire to isolate is to step toward the pain by doing something that feels completely unnatural...

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