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The Healing Power of Unselfish Giving

People in pain usually want to stay home, lock the door, draw the shades, climb into bed and pull the covers over their head. I suggest a way to overcome this desire to isolate is to step toward the pain by doing something that feels completely unnatural...

Arguing - Even When You Win, You Lose

It’s in our nature to want to win. When selfishness takes over, we’ll do whatever it takes, say things just to hurt and harm, and spin or twist the truth into something unrecognizable just to come out on top. A huge percentage of relationships today...

Resilience Against Debilitating Change

Capacity to withstand the impact of loss is influenced by losses from the past, especially those buried and left unattended or unprocessed. Unmet expectations also play a role. A person’s resilience in the face of great pain is affected primarily by...