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Grief & Loss

Losing someone you love creates a pain like you've never experienced before. When you find yourself unable to move forward, you need help with healing from grief. I have been helping people navigate this journey for years, and would be happy to walk through it with you.

Building Resilience

Stress takes a toll on all of us, and there are times when we allow our energy reserves to become so depleted that we find ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally empty. In this condition we make mistakes, miss opportunities, create pain for ourselves and others, and threaten our physical health. I can help you understand what got you to this place and help chart a new course. I can help you create and store energy to build resilience.

Individual & Couples Counseling

If you need help in a broken relationship, or simply want to strengthen one, I have the skills and training to bring new insights and solutions you may not have seen. One of my most fun couples counseling arrangements is guiding a couple toward marriage through pre-marriage counseling. I also have found great success with adolescents and families where help is needed on a range of issues. 

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