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09.20.19 Newsletter

Marriage is hard. Meeting emotional needs, communication, spending time together when you're already maxed out on time... you need help! Check out this newsletter for resources.

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02.21.19 Newsletter

Emotional Resilience is critical to anyone hurting and experiencing the pain of loss or a broken relationship. There is resilience against debilitating change - read the article found here.

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10.25.18 Newsletter

Resources for Grief & the Holidays. Also includes a great resource on communication in relationships focusing on understand/be understood instead of win/lose.

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05.22.18 Newsletter

Every man's question in almost every situation is, "Do I have what it takes?" Included here is an awesome response to this question. In addition, for those struggling as survivors of suicide an article on traumatic grief from suicide.

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04.16.19 Newsletter

When you are grieving there are a number of triggers that make the pain of loss more intense or bring it back to the surface again - whether you want it to or not. Get ahead of the trigger...

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12.03.18 Newsletter

Take charge of your own grief journey. An article with specific help on how to heal through unselfish giving, and articles on giving yourself permission to heal as well as healing grief rituals.

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08.16.18 Newsletter

This newsletter announced Karl's Peaks & Creeks Counseling practice moving to full-time, as well as a great article on how to understand and create more intimacy in your life.

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03.18.18 Newsletter

One of the most asked questions I receive is, "How long will this pain last? When will I feel normal again?" This is addressed in the article in this newsletter titled, "Why Grieving Lasts So Long."

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