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Relationship Tools

Basic Relational Concepts

Couples wanting to work on the quality of their relationships would benefit from studying together these Basic Concepts taken from Dr Willard Harley, and his work found at The information here about the Love Bank, Love Busters, meeting emotional needs, the Giver & the Taker, the states of mind in relationships, and much more will give you the basic concepts necessary to a healthy relationship.

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Emotional Needs Assessment

The quality of your relationship with your partner will be in direct proportion to your ability to meet your partner's greatest emotional needs. This assessment provides a way for you and your partner to discover and share your emotional needs with each other, toward the goal of becoming a student of each other's needs. No one person can meet every need of another, but with the knowledge this assessment provides, we can go a long way to creating happiness for each other instead of unhappiness.

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Pre-Marriage Guidance

Couples contemplating marriage tend to focus on planning an awesome ceremony & party, and not really thinking a lot about building a strong marriage relationship. These pre-marriage topics are the essential elements for building a healthy marriage, and not just throwing a party. I can help you with a meaningful ceremony, but I can also help you establish a meaningful, life-long relationship.

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