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Resilience Tools

You no longer have to be a victim of your circumstances! It is possible to choose your emotion and control your autonomic nervous system's response to stress, change, or adversity. This self-regulation tool is the Quick Coherence® tool from HeartMath®. These basic elements are powerful ways to change the physiology of your body's anxiety response. Use them to prepare for, recover from, or adapt, and create coherence in your body and it's various systems.

Self-care is vitally important and mostly misunderstood! When you become aware of your need for self-care, use this tool to help you identify your levels of energy, what drains you fastest, and what specifically charges the various batteries within you. When these domains of resilience receive appropriate attention, your resilience improves and you find you can prepare for, recover from, and adapt to stress, challenge and adversity as needed.

CORE Exercise

Deep inside we all have a reservoir containing the truth about us. This truth may be the actual truth of who we are, or it may be lies we have accepted as truth and have lived by for years. This exercise guides us to look inside and answer the question, "What is the truth about me?" Once we begin to grasp this truth, we can move forward into our values, roles, passions, goals and ultimately decisions about the direction of our lives that need to be made.

Control Exercise

Taking responsibility for something over which you have no control is the definition of worry that creates stress. This exercise teaches you to separate the elements of a problem or challenge into the parts you can control and cannot control, and then guides you as to what to do with each list. The result stops the energy drain and puts the energy you do have to the best purpose.

Painful experiences from the past such as abuse, molestation, rape, bullying, shaming, or even significant people in our lives who force upon us unattainable expectations, can continue to speak lies into our hearts affecting our views of our worth and value. When these lies are exposed and the truth is discovered, a new set of beliefs from which to operate can give us hope and a positive future. This exercise takes you through the steps to recover from a past painful experience. 

Life Balance Exercise

When we are reactive to the stressors around us instead of proactive, we find life more and more out of balance. Imbalance in life drains energy and forces us to use energy on things that do not fall into our current list of priorities. This exercise guides you to take stock of the key areas of your life and through evaluation and strategic planning, shift the balance and therefore your energy expenditures in the direction of your priorities. Instructions are included!

Many of the key decisions we make every day are based on beliefs we hold of ourselves, and are found below the surface instead of the tip of the iceberg. In addition, they are based more on fiction than fact. Even significant people in our lives can send hurtful messages that influence the image we have of who we are deep inside. This image and the stories we hold around it are critical to our psychological, emotional and spiritual selves. Especially helpful for those who continue to make the same poor decisions month after month and year after year, this exercise helps us discern the truth about ourselves, and operate from that truth. 

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